Theory, practice and tools to create sustainable value in complex contexts

DATE:       SEPTEMBER 25, 2017
TIME:        9:00AM TO 11:00PM


Share practical tools to create sustainable value in complex contexts through innovation, entrepreneurship and smart capital.



Innovation is required as a tool for entrepreneurs but also as a base to achieve higher goals like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the respect of human rights and the protection of the environment in any country in the world.  These challenges are arduous to achieve in development countries, but even arduous in conflict or post conflict countries, where the state is fragile and the market does not provide the products and services that people need and can afford. From a global perspective, it is important to ensure the achievement of the SDGs in complex contexts for the global development agenda to be successful. People, environment and market are all interconnected.

PeaceStartup was born with the idea to build opportunities for innovation

that solve the most imperative development challenges and as a strategy

to prepare entrepreneurs to create value in a global changing market

and in contexts of tension and conflict.


The private sector in developed areas like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) must play a fundamental role to create and share formulas to find opportunities and business models that help other complex contexts to achieve the SDGs. Only with the help of the private sector and private investors the higher goals will be achieved. 


In this workshop we seek to bring and share the tools to understand the role of the private sector with a focus on (1) innovation, (2) entrepreneurship and (3) finance that produce value for people out of the market.

The innovation to achieve the SDGs needs to create strong alliances, understand the complex contexts and be  based on three elements (1) suitable technology,  (2) relevant knowledge and (3) smart capital. The main actor with access to these elements is the private sector; the challenge is how to understand the complex context to transform the problems and challenges into business or investment opportunities. Understanding the context requires the alliance with other actors like NGOs, local communities and public sector.


In the workshop, we will present tools to design a process to engage to any project and the required elements to generate innovation, profit and long term value.



This workshop has 5 stages, where you will learn some cases and access some tools to create long term value in complex contexts. 


- Phase 1. How to build strong alliances?

- Phase 2. Challenges in the field as a business opportunities? 

- Phase 3. How, who and where can we create open innovation spaces?

- Phase 4. How we can build sustainable projects?

- Phase 5. How, when and where we can invest?


In each phase we will learn how the entrepreneurship could be one way to act. Entrepreneurs have more capacity to generate ideas, and some of them are working in the field and could be an ally to create and structure the business models and the investment projects.

In practical terms, the workshop provides several experiences on how to build business models to contribute to the SDGs. In each phase you will learn different examples and tools.



We believe in the relevance of experience and team work to learn, build and apply new perspectives and knowledge.

During the workshop, we will focus strongly on the application of concepts in concrete problems. The main goal is to experiment with each phase in the process, learning by doing and present the usual conditions of create projects and business ventures in complex contexts.

Who should attend?


Business men and women, investors and assets managers with interest in creating long-term value through innovative and inclusive methodologies.

This workshop is for persons who want to try something more holistic to create value through business ventures and at the same time solve the most outstanding problems of our times. Therefore, the workshop is addressed to persons who want to think different and get acquainted about collaborative processes to improve results in teams and projects.


How to create and manage a business or an investment opportunity in a complex context.


The includes access to the event, materials and memories.


The materials to be used during the workshop will be delivered at the time of accreditation. You will also receive the days prior to the workshop, access to a website exclusively for participants, where you will find additional information for the workshop.




She works with companies, NGOs and governments to understand and create value for the global sustainable development agenda.


Maria is also the founder of Business and Human Rights (BHR), a consultancy firm that helps big companies to understand the global development agenda.

maria prandi

He is passionate about the possibility to transform capitalism to create long term value with high social and environmental impact.


Juan has built more that 4 companies in complex context. He received the Business for Peace Award for using and connecting technology with the global agenda. 

Juan Andrés Cano 









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