Quibdó, Colombia


Other Cycles in Colombia:

Challenges identified

1.- Sustainable use of resources

Teaching the population to exploit the natural resources and to transform them in such a way that they can generate their own wealth and contribute to a destabilization and sustainable development of the department and the region. ​

2.- Educational training for peace

Generating technological tools that facilitate educational processes and encourage access to education for the entire Chocoan population

3.- Alternatives for the improvement of basic needs

Improving the level of access to basic needs of the population to generate an atmosphere of peace. Specifically to have technological solutions that allow better access to:

  • Drinking water

  • Health services

  • Healthy nutrition

  • Electric power


4.- Visibility of the region vis-à-vis the country

Making visible the existing wealth of resources in Chocó, especially the city of Quibdó, through communication technologies that transcend departmental, regional and national borders.



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25 entrepreneurs 


Telefonica Movistar


Goberna América Latina

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