Muthoni Nduhiu

PeaceStartup Ambassador for Kenya

Muthoni is the Founder and CEO of Mastermind Africa Alliance, a consultancy that engages corporations and relevant stakeholders in designing, implementing and monitoring innovative projects and business models that create employment and economic opportunities for youth and women in Kenya. A lawyer by profession, she is also involved in offering legal advisory and technical expertise to investors, corporations and institutions interested in conducting business with social and environmental impact in Kenya. 


Owing to her contribution to women’s empowerment, she was selected as a Fellow of the Vital Voices Global Partnership (VV Lead) an initiative of Hilary Clinton, which recognizes women leaders who provide unusual and sustainable solutions to problems that impede the progress of women and was also awarded the 2015 Washington Mandela Fellowship, a flagship program for President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative. Muthoni is also part of the World Economic Forum through Global Shapers Community, which brings together young people making a difference in the world they live in. 

PeaceStartup Ambassador Programme