Lorenzo Lozano

PeaceStartup Ambassador for the United Kingdom

Lorenzo Lozano is a business developer and an EQ devotee. He has been working in the interior design industry for the past 20 years. Something that started by accident in Malaga, Spain, became the main focus of his professional life. His background is business from the Universidad de Malaga, a degree that he never finished because of the need to work. 

The beginning of his career started from the very bottom, but step-by-step he learnt the ropes of the industry and started to manage teams and the business in different areas, working in sales and marketing. When he worked for a British company in Spain this opened his mind to the international market and in 2004 he moved to England and started a successful business furnishing properties in Spain but based in UK using local suppliers.

Going bankrupt after the recession he had the opportunity to work with different companies developing their business. He has always been open to new challenges and adventures therefore he specialised in the high-end market, a extremely competitive industry where working with the avant-garde in fields like marketing, sales and finance gave him the know-how to grow business in areas with no or very little business. His strongest attribute is the ability to put people together from different backgrounds to create an efficient team for the purpose of the challenge in hands.


Currently he is developing his EQ to become a coach to work with business and families to improve their interpersonal relationship and make the future better for all.

PeaceStartup Ambassador Programme