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Colombia’s internal armed conflict has left a devastating impact on the economic development and private sector growth of the country’s regions for over 50 years. This con-text has been aggravated persistent multidimensional poverty, high levels of inequality, and lack of social cohesion within communities. Nevertheless, the signing of peace agreements between the national government and the guerrilla group FARC, has created the possibility to promote income generation opportunities and social cohesion inside affected communities. Additionally, it is expected to improve the perception held by civil society towards state institutions and the private sector.


The project ‘Improving durable solutions and peacebuilding through Human Security Business Partnerships in post‐Peace Agreement Colombia’ aims to improve human security conditions for vulnerable population groups, through increasing the participation of the private sector in ZOMAC territories (most affected zones by the armed conflict), and aim to generate positive impact as a result of its presence in terms of durable solutions, and strengthening peacebuilding processes. The project has a duration of 2 years (2019-2021). It will focus on urban and semi-urban zones in the departments of Nariño (Tumaco and El Charco) and Antioquia (Bello, Dabeiba and Ituango).

Furthermore, the project is divided in the following key components:

1) community training in dialogue with the private se tor

2) strengthening of value chains through income generation and the creation of sustainable livelihoods

3) strengthening of local community-based institutions, and finally

4) dissemination of results and information collected.



7.072 direct beneficiaries

Internally displaced people and host communities affected by armed conflict in Colombia, including those who are currently un-der relocation, return and local integration processes, as well as those living in areas destined for demobilization (PDET zones).


42.916 indirect beneficiaries

Figure subject to change depending on the impact of the dissemination of results, and the implementation of Human Security Business Partnerships in other areas of Colombia.

Human Security partnerships are intended to enable opportunities of income generation and sustainability inside prioritized territories

Human Security challenges and opportunities in intervention zones


In order to address existing gaps in Human Security with respect to victims and vulnerable communities in prioritized areas, as well as to promote participation of businesses in peace building processes, the project will support the private sector and the multiple stakeholders (government institutions, cooperation agencies, civic organizations, etc.) to work together to consolidate economic, environmental, personal and community security.

Human Security Business Partnerships (HSBPs) are a novel model of multi-stakeholder collaboration that aims to strengthen the capacities of local communities and institutions, promote dialogue and mutual commitment with the private sector, and stimulate economic regeneration through activities, such as discussion forums, local market analysis, identification of value chains, and programs designed to attract investment from the private sector in the selected areas.

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The project comprises activities by the national government with the support of PeaceStartup –a leading organization in innovation-, and the academic institution London School of Economics (LSE), which has developed a guidance framework of HSBP and will lead a component of knowledge exchange to help practitioners and academics to benefit from the programme.


Specific objectives

  1. Strengthen communities to dialogue with the private sector

  2. Diversify markets and economic activities

  3. Strengthen the capacity of local institutions

  4. Analyze manage and knowledge, experiences and lessons learned from application of the Human Security Business Partnership Framework



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