Founded in 2014 by a handful of individuals seeking to create a social movement to address global peace challenges. The same passion and goals that drove them to launch PeaceStartup still remain fundamental to the foundation to date. 

The PeaceStartup Foundation (PSU), is a legal entity under private law, regulated by articles 633 to 652 of the Colombian Civil Code, decree 2150 of 1995, the Colombian Tax Statute and other applicable regulations. It is constituted as a non-profit organization, permanent, independent and autonomous and of common use. It will also be governed by these Statutes and by the norms and dispositions that, in interpretation and development of the same, establish the diverse bodies of the Foundation.

Lápiz y libreta

Access PeaceStartup Foundation's Statutes here

(only available in Spanish)

According to our Statutes, the PeaceStartup Foundation is composed by the following supervisory and management bodies:

General Assembly 


Juan Andrés Cano

Co-Founder and President of the General Assembly

Maria Prandi

Steering Committee


Maria Prandi

Member of the Steering Committee

Ernesto Borda

Member of the Steering Committee

Margarita Rodríguez Reyes

Mmember of the Steering Committee

Alejandro Delgado

Treasurer and member of the Steering Committee

Juan Andrés Cano

President and member of the Steering Committee

Legal Representation


Juan Andrés Cano

Co-Founder and Legal Representant

Juanita Candamil Cabral

Country Manager and Legal Representant for Colombia

General Secretariat

Statutory Auditor


Carlos Silva

Leonor Hostios

Statutory Auditor

Diego Nemocon


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