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These are testing times for companies and business as well as individuals, families, communities and the government. The private sector has been called upon by governments and international organisations to work with the public sector to provide health equipment and other essential goods and services in the emergency response to Corona virus. As the effects of the pandemic spread, the ability and willingness of business to help in protecting the vulnerable and ensure the functioning and eventual recovery of economies and societies will be increasingly important.


We know that most businesses are doing what they can to protect their own employees, staff and contractors. In the weeks and months ahead business will also be crucial to building resilience and addressing the consequences of the crisis for the economy, and wellbeing.  This is not just a national endeavour but a global challenge, where we need to learn from each other.  We believe that how business responds will come to define corporate responsibility, sustainability commitments and the compact between business, government and society in the years ahead. For many companies, already focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), COVID-19 is a test of resilience and sustainability, that risks achieving this ambitious agenda.


We want to encourage and support companies, large and small, to join with government and civil society to protect communities and people that are vulnerable, and work to improve human security and wellbeing, particularly in areas already struggling with development or the effects of crisis and conflict.


The UN Business and Human Security Initiative, together with Business and Human Rights, the Peace Startup Foundation and the UN Development Programme in Colombia, the Institute of Economics and Peace and Bureau Van Dorp in the Netherlands are launching an international knowledge exchange platform, to document partnerships between companies, governments and civil society that aim to provide assistance to communities confronting the multiple challenges raised by the pandemic.


The aim of the platform is to provide an information resource about good practices and lessons learned that companies and public and civil society actors can access to help them develop responses to the pandemic at local level. Through the platform we will showcase examples of business partnering with other actors, and corporate  initiatives in the community that aim to protect and support local populations.


You can read more details about the platform here


Will you help us to build this information resource by telling us of any relevant initiatives you are involved in?


Initiatives can be with communities, government, NGOs, faith organisations or other bodies. They can be focused on healthcare or livelihoods, access to basic goods and services or a mixture of all of these things. They can be anywhere in the world.


First, please complete our online questionnaire: it is short, it will take no more than 3 minutes:  

Second, if you have projects that you are proud of and think could inspire others, please share them with us.

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